Monday, March 31, 2014

this is NOT a box of chocolates at the moment

I've been hesitant to post this but feel that others might gain from it - so here I go!
At the moment life here on the farm is in short terrible. We have had a real  set back and its hard to see an easy or a quick solution.
We had agisted our cows that are due to calve in autumn (in the next few weeks) with someone who had done it for us the past several years.  We had been very happy in the past with how our cattle were fed and looked after and we probably became complacent. Anyway the downside is that when Gary went to collect the cows due to calve soonish he was confronted with a disaster - our cattle were in terrible condition and didnt appear to have been fed much at all.  This photo is one of the worst cows - and when I saw her I just cried. We love and care about our cattle and for this to happen is just heart breaking.
We face many challenges now - these cattle will be hard to get back to being well and looking good and its certainly not going to happen before they calve - therefore extra stress on them and their calves.  They will not milk well due lack of feed etc and will be hard to get into calf again at joining time.  One cow has already died - two more are close to it.All we have to keep us going are some great understanding friends and our faith and trust in God - only a miracle can fix this



Hard isn't the word for it girl. The betrayal of trust is difficult to deal with. Then your sick mums and bubs to be. I wish you good luck and a healing of hearts and minds jenni


The betrayal of loyalty, is hard to say nothing of your mums and bubs to being sick. May all be well and may your hearts and minds be healed Jenni

Annette said...

Very sad for you both, calves are your future! Hope you can save both cow & calf. Take care xx

Marian said...

I am so sorry this happened to you but glad you have them home now. It's not too late. You and they WILL recover.

claravalepartnership said...

Its hard to understand exactly what this means to the cow, calving ease, their calf, their milk production and quality and the list goes on...unless you have experienced it. We too are having the same problems. Its nobody else's fault, just the result of a drought.
I feel for you and your girls.
Its awful. We live for our cows.

claravalepartnership said...

Its hard to understand exactly what this means to the cow, calving ease, their calf, milk production and quality, and the list goes on.... Unless you've done it.
We are going through the same here except there's nobody else at fault.
Our problems are the result of drought. Even though its rained the issues are still there. We have cows that may not ever recover.
I feel for you and your girls.