Friday, October 11, 2013

the story of a block

Five or so years ago I joined into an international block swap - we were placed into groups of five from what I can remember and we sent each of the other four people a piece of fabric to be incorporated into a quilt block and be sent back to us.  I received back three blocks and had my own but the lady who was making the fifth block was somehow lost contact with.  Therefore I gave up on that last block and made a table runner from the four blocks I had.
However several weeks ago I had an email from that lady who lives in the US and she said she had always intended to make my block and had done so and was posting it back to me- I was stunned!
Anyway the block arrived and I still had some of the fabric left that I sent (its in the centre of the star) so decided to add a few rounds to the block she sent and make a table topper.

This is the result - and Im quite pleased with it if I do say so myself - and it this small exercise may well have rekindled my quilting mojo!

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Diane-crewe said...

from ordinary to exceptional x beautiful finish x