Saturday, February 18, 2012

loddon murray community leadership program

Because I dont have enough time as it is, and because I want to expand my horizons and challenge myself - this year I am going to be part of the loddon murray community leaders program
Last night was the launch for this years program - there will be 24 of us embarking on this journey
This is this years program -

Date                     Location                               Theme
17 Feb                  Kerang                                   Launch
25 &26 Feb          Axedale                                 Opening Retreat Weekend
18 &19 March      Donald/Birchip                       Innovative Communities in Action
30 March              Bendigo                                 Vision of the Region
29 & 30 April       Swan Hill                                Growing Regional Economies/Art in the Community
18 May                 Rheola                                    Pushing the Boundaries
17 – 20 June         Canberra                                Understanding our Political Landscape
16 July                  Maryborough                          Health and Well Being
28 July                  Cohuna                                   Agriculture in our Communities
19 – 21 August      Melbourne &
                            Macedon Ranges                     Metropolitan Communities. the Urban Fringe
9 & 10 Sept          Castlemaine/Maldon               Cultural Diversity and Change
8 October             Pyramid Hill                            Our Natural Environment
27 &28 Oct          Echuca                                    Tourism and Events/Final Retreat Weekend
9 November         TBC                                        Graduation Evening

Should be interesting, challenging and hopefully fun!  Met a few of the participants last night and they seem lovely - so wish me luck!

Monday, February 13, 2012

my toy

I dont think Ive showed you my favorite newish toy - when Gary got the new tractor - this is what I got....and I love it.
We do have a lot of lawn to mow - and actually since I got this there is more and more as I go further afield each time I do it.
Yesterday spent a lot (and I mean a lot) of time mowing and cleaning up in the yard - looks quite good now!
Now to find some suitable trees for a tree line against the back of the back yard(and ones that cows and rabbits wont eat)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

busy times

You probably all think Ive gone missing - I havent just been super busy
Spent two full/busy/mind blowing days in bendigo learning all about the new committee that I have been appointed on the North central catchment management authority's natural resource management committee (a bit of a mouthful!!!!)
Here's the blurb about it from their website -
The Natural Resource Management Committee (NRMC) is a sub-committee of the North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA) Board. The NRMC advises the Board about environmental investment priorities in the region with a primary emphasis on protecting the region's rivers. In November 2007, the North Central CMA continued the development of its advisory committee structure by launching the new Natural Resource Management Committee, which is an evolution from our previous Implementation Committee structure. The key role of the NRMC is to provide community and local perspectives on the projects and functions of our organisation that have direct public benefits for current and future generations.
Sounds daunting but I think it will be great!
Didnt like spending a night alone in a motel room though! BUT...for all you knitters out their you will be proud - I did manage some sock knitting time!
Now Im home - after getting home quite late wednesday, meeting at the school on thursday am and night, work yesterday etc etc and the usual home stuff - Im pooped!
Think a nanna nap and a restful day are in order - thats after I mow the lawns!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I just read this from an email I get once a month and it really struck a chord - how about you?
Quilt University February Newsletter Vol 2.1
Way back in the mists of time when I was about 18, I brought a friend home for dinner. My dad passed her something (who remembers what it was) and she refused, saying “I didn’t like it the first time I tried it, and I never will.” That became a joke around our house, a laugh at a person who was stuck in her ways.
It is harder to laugh now. I realize how many things I do or say automatically. What brought this forcefully to mind was a pair of snips that a Japanese friend gave me in 1993 when she was teaching me sashiko. I tried to use them when she was here, but I didn’t like them. I wanted to stick my fingers in a pair of scissors the way I always had.
Ten years later, I lost my favorite pair of thread scissors and the extra pair was just too dull to cut thread cleanly anymore. Rummaging through my drawer, I came upon those snips and thought, well, why not? Maybe I can save myself a trip to the store. Yes, I do actually think that - sometimes. Guess what? I really liked them. They were perfect to leave under the edge of my sewing machine, to pick up and snip the threads between chain piecing or to clean the edge of the thread before threading the needle.
It made me wonder how many other things I might feel differently about, things I dismissed years ago and have never gone back to. After all, I am not the same person I was a decade ago. Funny, isn’t it? We go a long time thinking we are the same as when we were younger. Oh, we know our outer shell has changed. We get forced into admitting that every time we brush our teeth and have to look in the mirror. But inside, we think we are the same. Looking backwards, we project our current selves into the memories of that young person we were and are sure that we have always been that way.
Yeah, sure. Remember the first time you heard your parents' words come out of your mouth when you were talking to your children? Have you ever referred to today's music as "that noise the young people call music"? Imagine saying that at 20 and you will get my point.
It is so easy to do things out of habit. The longer you do them, the harder it is to change. That rut gets pretty deep. I know I won't climb all the way out. After all, a lot of activities got to be habits because I enjoyed them. Still, the rut can get pretty boring and I'm hoping there is a lot more life to live. I might learn to program my phone or figure out the satellite radio that came in my car.
Serendipity sometimes plays a part in deciding what I might try next. First, I found a recipe for Posole (a Mexican soup) in a magazine. The picture looked appetizing but it called for hominy, which I had never eaten. I've heard of it, of course, but didn’t know what it was. Stop laughing. This was not grits, but whole hominy. Coincidentally, the very next time I was in the grocery store, I saw a can of it. The picture looked like corn. What could I lose, right? I looked it up online and discovered hominy is dried corn kernels.
The very next day we went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for lunch and what should be on the specials menu but Posole. For $4, I could find out if I liked it before spending time making a big pot. Not being a fool, I also ordered quesadillas. Roger and I both tried it. It looked pretty. It tasted like watery nothing. Once home, I really stepped outside my normal behavior. I didn’t pretend I was going to use the hominy at some time in the future - and threw it directly into the trash.
Who knows what other discoveries I will make?

Friday, February 3, 2012

quiltwithchrist round robin

I've finished the round robin quilt that I received home from the quilt with christ yahoo group.
It was quite lovely as it was but I added some embroidery around the outer border as well as a couple more hearts heading towards the outside.  It is now sitting in the centre of my dining table

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

one month gone already

Goodness! I cant believe that one month of 2012 has gone already!
It will be Christmas again before we know it - I dont know about anyone else but time seems to be running away these days
And another hurrah!!!
Finally (yes finally after two years) managed to finish this single block which is done by needleturn.  I really dont like it that much mainly as Im sick of it hanging around and actually had to FORCE myself to finish it but thankfully its finally done!