Monday, February 13, 2012

my toy

I dont think Ive showed you my favorite newish toy - when Gary got the new tractor - this is what I got....and I love it.
We do have a lot of lawn to mow - and actually since I got this there is more and more as I go further afield each time I do it.
Yesterday spent a lot (and I mean a lot) of time mowing and cleaning up in the yard - looks quite good now!
Now to find some suitable trees for a tree line against the back of the back yard(and ones that cows and rabbits wont eat)


Lynne said...

My parents had a ride-on for their 1 acre block - I'm sure you have more than that!

Ramona said...

Great toy! My parents have his and hers mowers, so they do it together!! LOL
I love helping out with the grass cutting.

catsmum said...

I REALLY want one of those ... but will make do with the goats at the moment :)