Tuesday, July 26, 2011

life has got in the way

Sorry I was trying to be good about posting to my blog and would have hoped to post some photos of a quilt top Ive been working at .... BUT.... as they say - life has got in the way!
My lovely husband Gary has managed to tear a muscle in his upper leg.
Caused by an incident with a neighbours sons absolutely mad yearling bull calf - but I wont bore you with the details.  I will just say that it was a genuine accident and the calf is gone.
Spent yesterday going to Bendigo for an ultrasound on his leg as it was the closest place we could get in. Managed to quickly see Sarah for maybe 10 minutes tops.
So here I am at 5.43 am writing lists on jobs that have to be done today - and already Im daunted.
Some of the jobs I can do myself - I already have a whole list of my own stuff that needs to be done (and sadly no quilting and knitting are NOT on it)
Gary is on crutches and can barely walk - so therefore cant really do much - hopefully I can somehow if not do the rest - at least organise/contract someone to do it
Prayer for healing would be great please (and for me to be able to cope with all of this)


Lynne said...

Consider yourselves prayed for!

knottygal said...

Oh o! I hope he gets better soon and that you are able to manage things yourself till then.. sending healing thoughts your family's way..


Leonie said...

It sounds like this past week has been a challenge for many around and about. I hope Gary has a swift recovery and you manage all the things that need managing. Deep breath, positive thoughts, plunge in headlong :-)