Friday, February 25, 2011

floods receding (finally!!!!!)

Well after what has seemed a very long time (well at least five weeks) it looks like the flood waters are receding.  We had actually got to the point of thinking that we would not be able to access our land that is under water this year for sowing crops etc but we have finally had some good news! Goulburn Murray Water has approved us to pull out our re-use plug so water from the flooded farm can run off and into the drains - hopefully a large amount of it will so that we can get onto the land and start cleaning up the mess, otherwise we will have nowhere to put our calving cows and young stock over winter.

To pull out the plug was difficult and Gary had to swim in and with water well over his head - I watched and prayed that it went well and it did!

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Leonie said...

Hooray! I'm assuming he went home for a good shower afterwards!