Saturday, September 11, 2010

suprise suprise Ive actually done some quilting!!!

For those of you who follow this blog - you may have noticed that I havent really done anything quiltwise since March - yes March!!!  I had to do a tidy up as we had visitors coming at Easter time and the result was that everything got shoved into huge plastic tubs, and to be honest it was too hard to unpack it.
However I had signed up at material obsession to join in their next block of the month for the Sue Ross blocks - they describe it as Twisted tradition - A quilt of traditional blocks in modern fabrics!
Pattern, fabric and templates included for a queen size quilt. I had seen a few blocks done by others on their blogs and they are fabulous.  Well.....the first block arrived about three weeks ago, I glanced at it and put it aside.  On Thursday I had an email from material obsession (sneaky, very sneaky) telling me that block 2 was due to be sent very soon!  Of course that MADE me get block one out and yes (suprise suprise) I started it today...and its tricky!!!! Here is my progress so far-  and handpieced I might add!

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