Friday, April 2, 2010

block 4 done and crossing over to the "other side"

Well Ive got block 4 of aunt millies flower garden done - this one took two weeks - it had HEAPS more

And Ive refound ravelry and refound my love for knitting - so some progress on the 3/4 sleeve cardigan and about 20 patterns in my queue of stuff I want will hopefully knit one day - oh!!! and some yarn has been bought too - but dont tell anyone please!
But dont you think this might make a lovely cabled scarf??????


Julie said...

Your applique is coming along wonderfully. I do agree with the cable scarf idea, lovely yarn.

ozjane said...

Not another one lost to wool..vbg
I gave mine all away to the cats mum and kept only a very small amount.
I knitted enough in my youth to get it out of my system...besides I cannot wear wool any is not cold enough.
But the quilting is going well.

cinzia said...

Your new block is looking gorgeous as expected.
I agree that wool would look perfect in a cabled scarf. I have been trying to find a reversible cable for a scarf my self. If you find one please share it.