Saturday, January 31, 2009

ruby - the new horse in the family

We have a new member in the family - Ruby - Megan's new horse.
She is 8 years old and around 15.3 hands and a standardbred - she did race (well pace) under the name Sonny Ruby but didnt win - but we think she is a winner!
Yes I know Megan has been working with Harry - and will continue to do so - but the other night Megan went to ride him again and he went...well...mad!!!
Bucked her off and had a go at Gary we saw Ruby for sale on the internet and not far from here, went with Megan to look at her and she fell in love!!!
Stay tuned for their further adventures!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

wearing a helmet

For all you concerned readers (myself included) Megan actually hopped on Harry today and "rode" him and yes (hooray!!!!) she is wearing a helmet

a productive day for all

Well with Gary away bowling today we three girls got stuff done!
Sarah worked on wedding invitations for Aimee, Megan worked on putting together her horse quilt (with a little help from me) and I started quilting the star bom I made last year

Sunday, January 18, 2009

how to scare your mum

Here is Megan with Harry but the next photo is "how to scare your mum" as Megan is breaking Harry in - and she wanted to hop on and ride him!!!!!! As a friend of our said when she saw the photo - where is your helmet Megan and why arent you in a small yard?

this weeks dear jane bow

Managed to get this weeks dear jane block of the week done ..........very big was L10 Nan's Naid - very very nasty one and it took me nearly 3 hours!!!
The triangle was nice and easy - TR9 Needle's Point

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

megan and harry

Regular readers will know that Megan sadly lost her horse, Rusty, just after Christmas. We already had two other horses here - but not broken in and ridable ones. Megan has been working with Harry Red Legs (registered name Im a Coppertop) and has been making great progress using Natural Horsemanship. He is a gorgeous looking horse - he's a quarter horse

latest quilting progress

As the hot weather is starting to arrive (well it is summer) Ive been inside a bit more -and also its school holidays so not quite so much driving around.
Ive been doing a few dear jane blocks - filling in some gaps so I can join "bits" together - feels like I am getting somewhere. This photo is the top left section of the quilt

The second picture is for a class I am doing at Quilt University - an online quilting class...Hawaiian Applique. So far just basted onto background fabric, but so far so good

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

Happy New Year - may 2009 be a blessed and wonderful time for you all!!!!!!
What have I been doing today?
Sigh.........taking down all the Christmas stuff - how come everyone is VERY KEEN to put all the stuff up - but no one ever wants to help take it down......double sigh
But at least the house is now clean I spose.
Managed to get a little sewing time in once all that was done...yesterday I did the weekly BOW (block of the week) from the dear jane site - it was M13 Lynette's Diamond. Today did M12, M11 and M10 too - sounds impressive I know but two of the blocks were really really easy.
New years resolutions?????
Well........get all my stuff finished off that is already started and hopefully end the year with a smaller stash of stuff than what I have now.
Also to exercise and eat healthier (as we all do at this time of the year) and Im going to keep a diary of crafty stuff completed and also books read - easy peasy
BTW photo is of M10-13 dear jane blocks