Saturday, January 31, 2009

ruby - the new horse in the family

We have a new member in the family - Ruby - Megan's new horse.
She is 8 years old and around 15.3 hands and a standardbred - she did race (well pace) under the name Sonny Ruby but didnt win - but we think she is a winner!
Yes I know Megan has been working with Harry - and will continue to do so - but the other night Megan went to ride him again and he went...well...mad!!!
Bucked her off and had a go at Gary we saw Ruby for sale on the internet and not far from here, went with Megan to look at her and she fell in love!!!
Stay tuned for their further adventures!

1 comment:

Auntie Jappa said...

and has Harry done that hari kiri thing?
Ruby looks like alovely horse, bet she is pleased to have Megan - and vice versa!