Wednesday, November 11, 2009

finally fixed and what to do on a hot day

As most of you know (or maybe you dont?) Megan's horse Ruby managed to right-off the compressor for the vat etc at the cow shed.
This is what she did....Doesn't look like much but around $14,000 to fix - thank the Lord for insurance!!!

This happened on October 7th - its now November 11th and its finally all fixed. Instead of a new compressor we opted to get a secondhand plant, so new vat etc and this is the result - pretty good I reckon.

And what do you do on yet another 40+ degrees day - mow the lawn at 6.15 am and then put the sprinkler on - doesnt it look inviting?

1 comment:

Jane or Ozjane said...

did not think I would ever see a sprinkler envious.
But so glad the cows are all fixed up.