Sunday, December 28, 2008

rip rusty

It was with great sadness that today we had to allow Rusty, Megan's horse and best friend, to go to heaven. She is no longer in pain and is hopefully giving joy to a child in heaven.
Rusty was a fabulous horse - kind, gentle and loving and taught Megan so much about horses and riding and caring about animals.
She will be sadly missed and not easily replaced - there was only one Rusty and we are proud to have known and loved her.

Friday, December 26, 2008

cutest angel on christmas eve

Our church had a Christmas Eve service - and guess who was the cutest angel there - Mia of course! The playgroup kids sang a few carols - Mia really liked doing Away in a Manger - complete with actions.

Look what I got for Christmas!!!!!!!

Goodness me I must have been good this year - look what I got for Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
2008 – What a year it has been – our “motto” at church this year has been 2008 is great, God is great. At times this has been a challenge – but looking back we have done a lot and once again got through a lot.
Once again we have struggled with little or no rainfall or water allocation – at the moment our allocation of water is 28% - nowhere near enough for our needs. BUT as I write this we have had 33mls of rain in the past 24 hours! We still have had to buy in huge amounts of hay to feeds the cows and although the milk price that we are paid each much is very good – our expenses are even better!!! Our milking herd numbers have increased to 155, which is the most cows Gary has ever milked. Our production is up, our cell count is the lowest it has ever been, and according to our test results our fat and protein is equivalent to that of a jersey herd. All due to the good hay and grain we have been feeding them.
Now to our family goings on –
• Adam and Alison have lived in Albury this year, but are moving shortly to Mildura. Alison has finished uni and is looking for a teaching job; hopefully Adam will get employment in Mildura too.
• Holly and Daryl still live in Mildura and have taken a few holidays this year (lucky them!). They’ve also reared a few of our calves and learnt the joys of cattle getting out of paddocks and how loud a calf can bellow when it wants a drink of milk.
• Aimee, Joshua and Mia have had a busy year too. They have moved to a different house, closer to us and two minutes from Cohuna. Aimee has not been well, but she has just had an operation and is hopefully on the road to recovery. Aimee turned 21 in October and we had a small party here with family and friends and it was a lovely night. Joshua is now working at a different piggery which is much better than where he was. Mia is now 21 months old and the boss of all!!! She is talking heaps and loves coming here. Look out if Gary goes on the motorbike for the cows without her. She has even driven the tractor.

• Sarah finished year 11 this year – with an achievement award in Year 12 Accounting and Year 11 English and also won the Student Forum award which was voted on by her fellow students and is worth $200 –well done!!! She is still looking at uni and becoming either a journalist or a teacher. She made her deb this year with her boyfriend Tim....don’t they look lovely and very grown up. We all enjoyed learning the old time dances.

• Megan has now finished year 8 and is still horse mad, and loves her horse Rusty, who she went with to her first pony club gymkhana and came 1st in the bareback riding and 2nd in the showjumping twice. She is also really interested in fishing although so far nothing to eat for tea. She has also continued learning to the play the flute and is getting very good at it, and her cat speedy is getting really fat and needs to go on a diet.....

• Gary has continued to play lawn bowls on a Wednesday night as well as playing on Saturdays in pennant where he is currently playing in division one. It is hard to get him away from the farm, but when he does he enjoys himself.

• I, Dianne, have kept myself busy looking after Mia whilst Aimee did an aged care course and even taking her to playgroup – and that was tiring I can tell you!!! I continue to enjoy quilting, reading and try and garden however it is hard with the dry conditions.

• We are all still active at our church, Kerang Assembly of God, where there has been much prayer for healings, rain and revival.

• Trusting that this letter finds you all healthy, well and enjoying life.

Gary, Dianne, Adam and Alison, Holly and Daryl, Aimee and Joshua and Mia, Sarah, Megan, Rusty and Speedy.....

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him

Saturday, December 13, 2008

dear jane bow and tow

For those of you who have asked to see more of my dear jane - here is a picture of this weeks bow (block of the week) D1 Alisons Guiding Light and the TOW (triangle of the week) LS10 Megan's Cathedral - both foundation pieced

Thursday, December 11, 2008

look what I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what the post man (well actually lady) brought me today - my prizes I won from the contest on - thanks Christine just lovely!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stuff Ive finished off lately

Yes its true- Ive actually finished off a few quilts lately - firstly Im a member of Cohuna quilters and this is the block of the month we have been doing - quite cute I reckon.

Next is a quilt I made up from nine patch blocks swapped (I hate to say it) several years ago. I joined them together and they looked quite ordinary but putting the whole top on point made heaps of difference.

Lastly, the quilt I wanted to finish cos it was draggin along - girls day out - which was a block of the month - lovely quilt but I am glad to see the end of it - its hanging in our hallway

dear jane fabric

Thankyou to all who have tried to find my dear jane fabric for me - here is a better photo - it is navy (well actually indigo) with cream flowers - on the reverse the flowers are white. Hope this helps!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

row I finished

Finished row I on my dear jane quilt today and thankfully I was working backwards so got to finish up with I1, I2 and I3 which were easy peasy. I am so happy with just using the two colours in this my second dear jane - no hunting or worrying about fabrics - much quicker, and Ive also found my skills are improving - Im not even that scared of the advanced blocks (well so far at least)as its quite easy to post to the Dear Jane list or look on the cd for help and tips. If you havent been mad enough to start a dear jane yet, do, its addictive and fun - and yes people will think you are mad!!!!!!!
BTW if anyone knows where I can get more of the fabric I am using as the focus fabric please let me know as I dont think I am going to have enough to finish the quilt

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ok ok Ill post

Thanks to everyone who emailed me to see where I was - I was here just too busy to post, or when I went to post blogger wouldnt let me etc etc - Im sure you all know how it is!!!!!!!
Lots been happening - will update later today (fingers crossed)