Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stuff Ive finished off lately

Yes its true- Ive actually finished off a few quilts lately - firstly Im a member of Cohuna quilters and this is the block of the month we have been doing - quite cute I reckon.

Next is a quilt I made up from nine patch blocks swapped (I hate to say it) several years ago. I joined them together and they looked quite ordinary but putting the whole top on point made heaps of difference.

Lastly, the quilt I wanted to finish cos it was draggin along - girls day out - which was a block of the month - lovely quilt but I am glad to see the end of it - its hanging in our hallway

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Tropical Screamer said...

I've never turned anything so that it was on point, but the Disappearing 9 Patch I'm working on would look great that way. Thanks for the idea.

Your quilts are beautiful. Isn't it fun to finish things and have them turn out so great.

Best regards,