Sunday, March 23, 2008

51 today!!!!!

Today my lovely husband Gary is 51
Doesnt look it does he?
Well must admit that I AM a bit biased (and do keep in mind that we havent been married two years
AND God sent Gary a fabulous birthday present - we got rain!!!!!!
Not much but it was wet stuff from the sky


Jane said...

I'd keep him.........vbg.
And is not the rain a blessing.
I gave thanks for it at our prayer meeting last night.......think I have grieved so much over my garden that I am close to the farmers hearts also....having been born on one....well it was there when I came home from hospital...I was not found under a cabbage leaf!

Jasmine said...

He is a handsome boy, I am glad you found such a gllod bloke!

Jasmine said...

that was meant to be "GOOD" - my fingers stuttered...