Monday, February 26, 2007

Second Post

Well Ive managed to find my way back in here again....sigh...its hard to find time to do ANYTHING at the moment.
Living on a dairy farm in the drought is Not Nice at the moment - cattle constantly needing to be fed and watered....let alone milked!!!!
And the naughty girlies down at our "other" farm - where they are dry and waiting to calve managed to break into the hay stack today - or yesterday maybe - and have made a HUGE mess...needless to say my husband is Not Impressed At All.
I think Ive learnt how to add a photo - so here is myself and the "infamous" speedy cat


Christine said...

Hi, congratulations on teaching yourself to blog, ggg. I can empathise about the farm/drought situation. A family member had 1000 acres at Canowindra in western NSW until about 4 years ago, when they were forced to sell up and move to town due to his ill health (and the trying conditions didn't help) They were lucky because their property also had some historical significance in the district and was sold to retiring dairy farmers. Love your cat's colouring by the way, looks not dissimilar to my previous kitty, but was grey tones. Hope Speedy is as good a companion as my current puss, a real character she is too! Hooroo, Christine.

Lynette said...

Congratulations, don't you feel as though you can accomplish anything when you get the puter to do something right.
We retired off our dairy farm back in 2001. Have memories - some good, some bad, mostly funny of the animal antics that went on.

catsmum said...

well done... just wait till you've figured out what all those other little icons do. There'll be no stopping you :]
ps Oakley and Sophie think Speedy cat is a very good looking puddy... and the goats say hi too. Better turn of the PC ... just heard thunder more or less overhead. one can hope !!!

Jane said...

Speedy cat looks like Moggie one who was my life saving cat. She was a darling as they all are in there own way. Struggling not to
be depressed by lack of rain here and wrote lists of things to be grateful for last night...amongst them that this is only a garden not a farm.....grew up on one of those and would give a lot for the endless bore and 3 m gal dam...whatever that may be in todays stats. Congrats on looking well and starting blog. Have had one for about 3 years but only "came out" once I started adding photos. Picassa from goodle is great for adding photos too bogger.

Cathy Stevenson said...

Weldone! Getting the first photo up is such a milestone! And it is great to see a face for both of the Speedycats!

Sooziii said...

Congratulations! Love da puddy tat!

Nicole and Phil said...

soon you will be adding all sorts of things to your just takes practise!

Julie said...

Well done Di! I am looking forward to keeping up with what is happening in your hectic life as a farmers wife! You are an inspiration!