Thursday, December 31, 2009

how professional does she look?

Doesnt Megan and Ruby look lovely?
This photo was taken after tea the other night when they went down to a paddock and did some riding.
Megan has really been going well on Ruby and they are learning lots together.

my sewing room

On a list I am on people have been discussing the view from their sewing room - well I dont really have a sewing room - just part of a room, so really no view. So here are some pictures of my sewing "area"

Sunday, December 27, 2009

well thats christmas over for another year

well Christmas has come and gone - and I feel like all I did was clean, move furniture around, do dishes and then start all over again several times!
The girls did a lovely job of decorating our tree - it looks quite elegant doesnt it and we had 20 for christmas lunch, hence the very long table etc.
However the highlight for me was singing Christmas Carols on Christmas eve with Mia there in the congregation - I do so love singing carols and celebrating the Saviours birth. Hallelujah!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

look what I scored and new family members

Have a look what arrived in the mail for me from New Zealand!!! The lovely Jenny is a member of an online group I am a member of (wheel of friendship) and we had a christmas gifty swap. This is what Jenny sent me and I certainly feel spoilt. Thanks so much Jenny!!!!

And secondly we have two new "family" members - these are two kookaburra chicks whose parents built a nest for them in a bale of hay in the hay shed. They burrowed and burrowed making a lovely little nest palace for these babes. We have been carefully monitoring their progress without interfering TOO much - they are around two weeks old now I think.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

this weeks catch up

OK, Ive finally managed to get the camera off Megan so able to take a few quick photos of what Ive been doing.
The "finishing off of stuff" is still continuing - firstly this is the quilt that was made by members of the souther cross quilters intial swap group (SCQIS). We each did a block for each person in the group. The blocks travel all over Australia and are away for over a year. Pretty good result what I got back though I think!!

This next stitchery is another of those I have had sitting in a pile waiting to be done. Ive decided to do a few in the dark navy thread and use the navy fabric from my dear jane (yes I have heaps of it dont worry) to back the cushion with. Sort of like having a set that matches but doesnt quite.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the girls are home from hawaii

Sarah and Megan have returned from hawaii - they had a fabulous time and did LOTS of shopping - and I mean LOTS - Sarah managed to buy 20 dresses - isnt that being an overachiever?
I missed them heaps though and Im really glad they are back!!!
OH!!! and they bought me a gorgeous pearl necklace.

Friday, December 4, 2009

one christmas present done

This stitchery is for a secret santa swap for the patchwork group I belong to. We are going out for tea Tuesday night and the pressie had to be dropped off this week - finished it and delivered it yesterday so heaps of days to spare!!
I quite like this one and might even do it again for myself.
I've managed to get a bit done this week as Sarah and Megan are in Hawaii - hardly any washing to do and no where near as much mess and dishes to do - I wonder why????