Saturday, September 26, 2009

friday flaunt - a day late

Here's my friday "flaunt" = what Ive done this week - ok so its Saturday but I work on Friday so can I please be forgiven?
Ive managed to catch up on my local patchwork groups BOM (block of the month) each month we are given instructions on what block has to be done for the month - was I up to date? Of course not but now I am!!!
All I need to do is Septembers block - which I only received last Monday and have til next month to be done - quilt top looks pretty good so far I reckon but then you cant really go wrong with 1930's can you?

chickens!!! and cows too!!!!

Garys daughter Holly is breeding chickens and brought us 10 of these cuties - sadly there is only now 9 cos the dogs got one, but hopefully we have fixed the problem!
They are only 10 days to a week old so I spose it WILL be a while before we get eggs

And for those who have been asking here are some of my latest calves and their mums

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

missions trip catch up

OK OK Ive been home over a month and no photos - sorry!!!
Came home to calves everywhere (that we didnt expect) and no rain so half dead crops
To put it mildly we have been flat out since we got home
If you want to look at ALL the photos from our trip Ive loaded them on my facebook page (mainly cos its easier) and here is the link to access them

Here's a couple though - cute girlie in the orphanage we visited that I could have taken home - gary said no though!!!
Second one is Gary and I on the elephant ride in Thailand - what a fabulous experience

Third one is Gary and his three "mates" from Kriek church

And finally our ladies and the ladies in Jimeoin