Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the snow bunny returns

The snow bunny (also known as Megan) has returned from a week at Bogong High Plains and Falls Creek with her school
She has always wanted to go to the snow so of course she had a fabulous time and apparently she was good at skiing too (for those who know Megan this shouldnt be too much of a surprise)
BTW I survived looking after the horse

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ahhh the joys of farming

This is what happens when a calf gets stuck in a really muddy and boggy channel.
The result - you have to tie a rope around their head and haul it out with the ute. Understandably it was feeling very ordinary afterwards so Gary gave it some tlc

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Im on horse entertainment duties for 5 days

For those that know me well, you will know that the extent of things horse related I normally CHOOSE to do, is that I am the treasurer of the local pony club. I dont ride (why would you ride something with a brain???), I do buy the horse food stuff and the odd visit to Horseland or Drovers in Echuca - but thats it!!!
SO how did I get stuck with horse duties?
Megan has gone to the snow (Falls Creek/Bogong) for 5 days and has left me (yes me!!!) in charge of the horse
Poor Ruby (thats the horse)
Im on day two and surviving = just, although tomorrow I will have to take the rug off the horse and its not sitting right, and that means I will have to put it on again...sigh....Im not sure how. Mind you Megan has written me two pages of typed instructions of what I have to do
All I can say is - bring on Friday!!!! and Megan's return

Saturday, June 13, 2009

found the camera

Aha Megan had the camera (what a suprise!!!) and also what a suprise its full of photos of Ruby the horse and Speedy the cat
Anyways here are the photos that relate to my previous post

Monday, June 8, 2009

long weekend activities

OK _ I started this post LAST Monday and its still a draft.
Cos I cant find the camera (again!!!)
Anyways here is a bit of what Ive been doing.....
This weekend is the long weekend here for the Queens Birthday - I didnt get an invite to the party, did you?
As for what Ive achieved or not achieved this weekend with the extra day is probably pretty good, in a mad moment (which I think was late at night and could have involved a glass of wine) I signed up for a block of the month from Quilters Bazaar, its needlturned and called Flowers from My Garden. Managed to get the first block done and took two and a bit days to do it but it looks pretty good
Also finally finished a top that I finally like but hated the whole time I was working on it. It started out as one of Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt but I then lost interest...so....decided to make it a table topper...still didnt like it as I had heaps of nine patch blocks left over so Ive made it reversible - and now I finally like it. Dont know why I didnt like it in the first place - Ive used heaps of my "holy" Japanese indigo fabrics so I SHOULD like it

Thursday, June 4, 2009

two photos of two things at once

OK - Ive been slack (again) but here's an update - two things at once - and two photos even!!!
Here is Mia - isnt she cute and she is wearing/modelling my latest finishes - a cute scarf and beanie