Monday, July 28, 2008

Mrs Perkins for Mia

Look what I have made for Mia - Mrs Perkins (its a Melly and me pattern). I did modify it - it had these minute horns on it that didnt work so I left them off plus its sposed to have a mane and a tail but I left them off too - not bad for a few hours work. Im sure Mia will love it - she's asleep at the moment as I took her to playgroup this morning and all that socialising and playing can be so tiring ( yes I DID have a Nanna nap too)

a nice view

I took this photo last week (after a downpour of rain!!!) as I was doing the childrens talk at church - btw I talked about Gary thinks that this photo showing the milk tanker driving in makes our place look very nice and inviting - even greenish. What do you think?

a finish - well a top at least

Hooray Ive finished a quilt...ok its not a quilt YET but it is a top - I havent $$$ for wadding and backing fabric at the moment so it will have to sit and "rest" on the shelf for a while but it feels great to have it finished.
Its made from patterns posted on

Friday, July 11, 2008

deb photos....or long time no blog...or ok Ill post a blog entry then!!!!!!!!!!

OK...OK I'll confess I havent blogged for ages....why you ask???? The puter is too slow to load photos (I am on hay band as opposed to broadband) PLUS I havent been well and ..........oh well to be honest I havent been finally (are you looking dear sister Cheryl?????????????) here are the lovely photos of Sarah's and Tim's deb - fabulous time was had by all and Sarah was gorgeous - and Timmy didnt look too shabby either!!!