Monday, December 31, 2007

two mias

Do I have TWO granddaughters - twins maybe????
Of course not!!!
I just did a tricky photo
And incidently Mia is wearing a dress I made her Mummy Aimee when she was the same age

christmas - late sorry!!!

Sorry its late- Christmas has come and gone and no blog posts!!!!
Here is Mia (and Aimee) putting her "Babys First Christmas" ornament on the Christmas tree

Monday, December 17, 2007

trotting and flies

Here is Megan and Rusty going for a trot - and the gorgeous (purple!!!) fly veil Megan bought for Rusty - doesnt it look lovely?

table runner

Ladies group at church just had our Christmas dinner and we had a "Kris Kringle" so I made the trusty table runner from the quiltbus website. AND I was so pleased cos my very dear friend Ros got it.


Mia's hair is long enough now to tie up!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Im still here~!!!

Have you missed me???
Ive been here (well not on blogger) but doing Other Things
You see its almost That Time of the Year - and Ive been busy shopping,decorating and being a farmers wife!!!
I have managed to finish rows A and B of dear jane - sorry had to fit it in two photos cos they are sooooooooooo long