Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who is this????

Can you work out who this is??
It's Megan ( in full makeup) for her part in the Rock Eisteddfod - she is peerpressure/water - meant to look scary and bossy!!!

A new hat for Mia

Look what I knitted Mia
I started to knit her a cardigan out of this wool but didnt like it (and didnt have enough wool -as she keeps growing) so made her a beanie instead

Yikes its almost the end of July and I havent posted

Good intentions...sigh...
For the "avid" reader of my blog, Im sorry Ive let you down again by not posting...maybe August will be the month when I get sorted out.
Anyways ... what have I been doing?
Quilting ( a bit) and hugging Mia (LOTS!!!)
Here's the latest quilt Ive made for Mia - unfortunately Sarah and Megan want it to so Ive compromised and it stays here for when she comes to visit.
I got this kit from Nicky Tepper at the recent Southern Cross Quilters retreat in Bendigo - not colours I would normally choose but I DO think its quite lovely!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Up to date....or....a good intention started

Have a look at this - actually managed to finish the first block of "Girls Day Out" - which is a BOM (Block of the month for you non-quilters) in the month it was received.
Again for the non-quilters a BOM is a quilt you sign up for at a quilt shop (in this case Broyala Patches in Boort) and each month it just "arrives" in the mail box - the pattern for the next part of the quilt along with whatever fabrics/threads are required. The theory is that you have a month to complete the block before the next one arrives - hence the title Block Of The Month.
Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not the best at keeping up with these BOM's so this a big moment for me!!!

More Nanna stuff - babysitting this time

Got to babysit Mia today - Aimee and Joshua went to Echuca (about 45 minutes away) for "quality time" together - i.e. shopping and going to the movies without a baby!!!
How good is Mia though slept peacefully and hardly a problem. Can't wait til the next time - cos her Nanna really loves her - in fact we all do!!!!