Sunday, March 17, 2013

whats been happening?

Long time and my blog has been ignored - sorry one and all! I'll try and do a catch up on what has been happening in the last month six weeks or so.
Firstly, my gorgeous granddaughter Mia started school - it doesnt seem that long ago that I was blessed to be at her birth, and here she is all grown up!
Next my other gorgeous granddaughter Maddison turned one - again doesnt seem that long ago that I was at her birth as well, my how quickly they grow up!
And thirdly, my baby Megan has spread her wings and gone off to Bendigo to study nursing at La Trobe University - once again, how quickly they grow up!
Add into that mix me heading off twice to Melbourne in a month, firstly to the Dairy Australia Leadership Program and then to the Murray Goulburn Supplier Development program life here has been busy.
Gary and I are enjoying just being "the two of us", and I even have been able to fit in some cow time.
Phew.... how's that for a catch up?