Monday, November 12, 2012

a finish and a start

Today I finished this wall hanging for Mum - she started it years and years ago and has had it pinned onto the curtains in her kitchen for I dont know how long.  However its now done = embroidery finished, quilted, bound and a hanging sleeve.  At the moment Mum is on holidays with her cousin in Newcastle - I think this might make a nice welcome home present for her.

Yesterday there was also a start here - the builder arrived to start our renovations - we are having all the old windows replaced (hooray no more louvers in the kitchen!!!!), guttering replaced, door that we dont use covered in and vinyl cladding on the outside front wall.  Gary got to have fun ripping down the facia and guttering yesterday - I got to watch and make cuppas.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

my graduation

Friday night saw Gary and I take a rare night away from the farm and head to the All Seasons Motel in Bendigo.  It was my graduation from the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program - something that I have been participating in all year.
A group of 24 of us have visited towns and communities throughout the region, met inspiring speakers, learnt leadership skills and learnt a lot more about ourselves.
Its been a great journey, Ive made some life long friends and have changed in myself.
Our graduation was a great event and we were blessed to have Adam Elliott winner of an academy award for his short film Harvey Krumpet as our speaker and presenter of our certificates.
P.S. It was also lovely to get dressed up and have a night away from the farm with Gary!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Megan has her licence

Megan achieved another milestone today - she passed her driving licence.  So no more taxi driving for me (hoepfully).  She is so happy and I am so proud of her - she is a great driver and I wont worry too much about her out there in the world (well Ill try not to!)
I have been pondering how much changes in a young persons life when they turn 18 - voting, able to drink, drivers licence, end of high school and exams and choosing what to do next year etc etc . Its a lot all in one go!
Megan will be driving Gary's old car - the good old mazda 626 station wagon, yes its not the most fanciest car but it will get her around for now, and Ive put a flash stereo in it that plays her iphone etc so she is happy I think.

Monday, November 5, 2012