Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new and exciting

Yesterday our new (yes brand new!!!) tractor arrived.  Its a Valtra N101 for the experts.  Very new and shiny and red - which means it goes fast.....well Gaz had it going 42 kms down the road and you wouldnt even know it.
Yes Ive had a drive, a short one, and yes it has heaps of gadgets and buttons etc.  And yes the bank owns more of it than we do....BUT....we've done the sums and realised that we have spent so much on tractor repairs etc in the past year or two that we just might as well buy it!
Our workers jokes that we will never see Gaz now as he will always be in the tractor!
And what did I get - well half a tractor but also a nice shiny red ride on mower! Yay!!!!! Nice lawns and gardens look out

Sunday, November 13, 2011

a heap of finishes - well actually four!

I've managed to finish four (yes four!!!) things in the one day
Firstly a book that I have been reading the old fashioned way (as in an actual book!) The Aloha Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini which is about two friends who set up a quilt camp and quite enjoyed and an easy read which I have been reading in bed at night - only a few pages at a time as Gaz doesnt like reading in bed (and I do!)

Next finish - the lingerie socks,  By far one of the most tricky and complicated items I have knitted - but very satisfying and they fit great too!

Third finish -  binding finally sewn down on this table runner which I think will go into the present box in case I need a nice homemade present for someone - I used up scraps etc so almost a "free" project

Finally and fourthly - this book which I have been listening to on my ipod courtesty of audible - The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  A good (and long) family saga spanning several generations.  An excellent read  listen which I would highly recommend.
So all in all a quite productive day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

a new addition

A new addition has arrived.....a new fridge!
Our old one was dying a slow death - according to Gaz it could be 30 years old so I think he got his moneys worth!
He still thought the old one was ok - I was worried about it dying on a stinking hot day in summer when I couldnt get the fridge I wanted and would have to buy whatever was in the shop.
So......with the money I have earnt from sitting on a couple of boards.....I proudly introduce the new fridge - its a Kelvinator upside down fridge - looks lovely and clean!
Do I go and put all the pictures etc and magnets back on it as before I wonder?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

120 biscuits

Came across this yummy looking recipe - 120 biscuits and made it up today - ok I only got 108 biscuits but still great - and yum!
120 biscuts

500g butter

1 tin condensed milk

1 cup sugar

5 cups self-raising flour

pkt diced preserved ginger.

mix together well, roll teaspoonful sized amount into balls and flatten with the back of a fork dipped in flour.

cook 10-12 mins on a moderate oven approx. 180C

remove and cool.

then stack back on trays, doubled along is ok and bake again for a further 8mins.

They last forever it seems

you can leave out the ginger and add some vanilla and use a multitude of different topping from hundreds and thousands, to lollies, choc chips, roll in coconut, etc or you can cream 2 together with icing

Friday, November 4, 2011 better not be!

Got home after working a huge full busy day at the local Tattslotto agency and Gaz informs me that he needs help?
Will it take long? I took two hours!
Had to drive the truck (big old hino truck) that Im not very good at drivng while Gaz loaded the silage bales on - had to be done so that they could be brought back here to the home farm to be "wrapped in plastic"
So........managed to have a cup of tea at around 9ish.......when I really wanted one at 6ish
Oh well the life of a farmers wife

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

we have A sock!

Hooray!  Sock one is done and dusted - and it even fits!!!!!
I dont know if Ive mentioned it but this is by far the hardest thing most complicated/complex thing I have ever knitted - and now I have to knit another one or else just one sock is not good for anything at all - wish me luck Ive cast it on.......

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a pleasant afternoon

Well here we are - 1st of November already and Melbourne Cup day to boot!
Im sorry poor blog that you have been neglected again but I have been busy!
Today was a rare day when I (and Gary) had an hour (yes a whole hour!!!) to relax and indulge ourselves - so what did we do - well we both sat outside on our back verandah area - Gary reading a book and me knitting with two dogs and four chooks to keep us company
This is what I was working on lingerie sock which is by far one of the most trickiest things I have yet knitted - but Im getting there - half way thru the foot on the first sock. BTW the wool is gorgeous - Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Sock in the colourway amethyst.
Did we listen to the cup? No, in fact neither of us had a clue what was even running - apparently it was horses!
BUT it was lovely to just sit and enjoy each others company (and a cuppa each too!)