Thursday, July 28, 2011

all for a good cause

Gary is on the way to mending but needs to take it slowly and carefully (easier said than done!) How on earth you keep an active man who is used to doing everything himself to rest is impossible!
This morning he was back milking - although slowly he got the job done.  He is finding the hardest things to do involve using the clutch on the tractor as he damaged his left leg - and of course you need that to depress the clutch pedal!
Ive actually managed to have an hour or so to myself so decided to make up some snowball blocks for a christian online quilting group that I belong to.  We are each to make blocks and send them to one lady who is going to make them into quilts to be send to an orphanage in Zimbabwe that another lady in the group is involved in.  Here are mine - lovely and bright (as requested) and so nice to have some quiet me time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

life has got in the way

Sorry I was trying to be good about posting to my blog and would have hoped to post some photos of a quilt top Ive been working at .... BUT.... as they say - life has got in the way!
My lovely husband Gary has managed to tear a muscle in his upper leg.
Caused by an incident with a neighbours sons absolutely mad yearling bull calf - but I wont bore you with the details.  I will just say that it was a genuine accident and the calf is gone.
Spent yesterday going to Bendigo for an ultrasound on his leg as it was the closest place we could get in. Managed to quickly see Sarah for maybe 10 minutes tops.
So here I am at 5.43 am writing lists on jobs that have to be done today - and already Im daunted.
Some of the jobs I can do myself - I already have a whole list of my own stuff that needs to be done (and sadly no quilting and knitting are NOT on it)
Gary is on crutches and can barely walk - so therefore cant really do much - hopefully I can somehow if not do the rest - at least organise/contract someone to do it
Prayer for healing would be great please (and for me to be able to cope with all of this)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

but wait there's more!

And the finishing off continues!  This is a felted cushion cover that I got in a kit - started it in September last year so its just about my oldest knitting item that was on the go - I changed the pattern just to get it finished - its felted beautifully so just now need to get an insert to go in it!

These gorgeous socks are watermelon socks and I was gifted the yarn in a swap from a fellow raveler.  Turned out gorgeous and fit well and Im wearing them today!  Can't believe how much finishing off Im getting done!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

even more finishing!

WOW now that Ive got the hang of this finishing off caper - Im on a roll!
Firstly on the knitting front - February Lady Sweater made from Nashua Handknits Desert Flower - not that old a ufo as its only been on the needles for a month and a half - but its done!  Next Knitting item- this one was a test knit - falling knots wrap made from Wollmeise (yes I used some Wollmeise!) Once again only on the needles for a bit over a month - but it too is finished!
On the quilting front - two finishes here too! The first is a table runner I made from two lovely blocks I found whilst cleaning up - a quick and easy make and finish! The second is a dresden plate that I had almost finished except for the binding - so that too is now done!  Its lovely to finish off so much "stuff" and to have offloaded/sold/sent on so much of my things - it makes you feel great!  Must admit that the lure of starting something new is really starting to bite but Im still standing strong (hopefully until ALL ufos are done!)

Monday, July 11, 2011

a whole lot of finishing going on

If you are reading this blog and you are a quilter/knitter/or any sort of crafter at all - I am sure you will understand what I am about to tell you.   I knit, sew, quilt etc and I have heaps of projects and bits and pieces stuff that I dont think I will ever use/make. the interests of making more room and also boosting my bank balance, I have just listed and sold some items on ebay - for a ripping profit of $700 plus dollars.  Dont know what I will do with this princely sum - but a new oven is looking good!  Anyways I digress.  The items I sold where kits, books etc that I bought AGES ago and have never quite got round to using/starting so thought someone else might as well have the pleasure - and of course I get the $$$$.  I also have (in the course of finding said items) found many things that I have started but not yet finished.  These that I still like I am aiming to finish BEFORE I start anything else (can I hear cries of famous last words????)
Here's the first two finished things - a chinese coins quilt that I actually started not that long ago - I used a charm pack of sorrento fabric.  Also the infamous rivulet socks that I made and where too big so I frogged and now they are done!  Ive also managed to almost finish a table runner and a table topper but will post photos when they are actually finished - just the hand sewing on the binding to go so not far.
Also I have completely cleaned out my scraps and spare quilt squares - the square etc and some fabrics I have sent to Jan Mac - a lady I know who makes quilts for charity.  As for the scraps - the bigger pieces I have cut into 2 1/2" strips and have made one quilt top in greens that I am quilting at the moment.  The bulk of the scraps (and huge garbage bag full!) I have given to a local girl who is starting out on the quilting trail.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

two presentations

What an exciting week here - first Megan's deb ball on Friday night - here is one photo but will post a copy of the professional ones when they arrive.  Doesnt she look gorgeous and also Gary proudly presenting her.  Where have those 16 years gone?
Next presentation was (finally) Tom receiving his 21st birthday quilt - "Shoofly for Shewie".  I made it into a quillo so that there were 21 blocks in the quilt- 20 on the front and the "cushion" block on the back.  He loves it (as he should!)
So all in all a full and busy week!