Wednesday, April 14, 2010

fun of two different kinds

Had fun yesterday - two types of fun
Firstly "burning off" - there was a dead willow tree that had managed to fall into the channel that Gary wants to water today, so it had to go! And go it did - here's the proof.
Not sure if you can see it but the cows were in the next paddock and didnt pay the slightest bit of interest!

Next bit of fun - our one chook had been missing for a while and then reappeared and then disappeared again.  Seems she has been sitting on some eggs - and the result - 11 chickens.   Gary and I managed to catch them all and put them and mum in the chook house.  Dont know how long they will last there as the chickens go straight thru the wire they are so small and the chook can fly out.  But they are safe for now!  And quite cute too.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mia

Hard to believe but three years ago this happened - and now three years later my lovely granddaughter Mia is 3!!!! I bought her this fabulous keyboard thingy that you stand on and it plays music - its actually even better than I thought it would be and she was most impressed! I also gave her her "grown up" quilt which I made for her before she was born I think but only managed to give it to her now!  After all whats a birthday without a quilt.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well we are now officially a family with only one child living at home (Megan).  Sarah has now officially moved to Bendigo to her new home - we helped her on Monday.
Here she is opening the door!!! And for those that know Sarah well here is a "shocking" box - only ONE box for shoes and handbags???????????????????????????

Friday, April 2, 2010

block 4 done and crossing over to the "other side"

Well Ive got block 4 of aunt millies flower garden done - this one took two weeks - it had HEAPS more

And Ive refound ravelry and refound my love for knitting - so some progress on the 3/4 sleeve cardigan and about 20 patterns in my queue of stuff I want will hopefully knit one day - oh!!! and some yarn has been bought too - but dont tell anyone please!
But dont you think this might make a lovely cabled scarf??????